Four Different Formats For Our New Delta-8 Products

Aug 17th 2021

Four Different Formats For Our New Delta-8 Products

Listen, this is something that's really interesting to a lot of people who have never heard of some of the sophisticated differences between types of CBD and cannabis products.

It's hard enough for newcomers to understand the difference between hemp, CBD oil and marijuana. Eventually, doing the research, they realize that the difference is in the THC – the psychoactive compound that made marijuana illegal for so many years.

That's part of it, but then you dig a little deeper, and you realize that there are products like Delta-8 that have higher levels of THC than CBD, but not levels as high as marijuana that make (or previously made) the latter a tightly controlled substance. You have to ask yourself whether a lot of what our society went through vis a vis cannabis could have been improved some way…

That's the gist of it, but you can read more about the particular formulation of Delta-8 itself, and then hop over to our site to enjoy this product in many enjoyable forms. Here's some of what we have available on the site – best-selling products that are hot right now with our customer base, for some very good reasons. We stand behind these Delta-8 goods!

Delta-8 Chocolate Bar

Like other kinds of new explorative compounds, people like to try this type of cannabis in the sweet form of a chocolate bar. Ours is good-tasting, not waxy, but rich with flavor.

This is just one of the most popular ways to enjoy this type of product that is flying off the shelves these days.


Yes, gummies are also an ever-popular format for CBD, Delta-8 or other similar compounds. They dress up the oils in and extracts in a sweet package available in several flavors from our winning ecommerce site.

Massage Oil Extract

When you want the appeal of CBD and cannabis topicals on your skin, try our Delta-8 massage oil that you can rub directly on sore spots, or use as part of a relaxing experience to relive muscle soreness and aid in relaxation.


Yes, we have these available pre-rolled as well. The product entry on the website speaks for itself. Check out the attractive pricing on this form of Delta-8 cannabis product!

That's a little bit of what we've put together in our modern e-commerce site as we innovate in a very new market. We’re proud to offer easy shipping, competitive pricing, excellent customer support and much more. Check us out online – and bookmark!