Exhale THCA Flower 7 G

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Sex Panther (Sativa / 25%) THCA Flower is a stimulating strain that carries all the hallmarks of a classic Sativa and the raw, primal power of a jungle cat ready to pounce on its prey! Sex Panther’s peppery, musky funk offers many of the flavorful notes that we hemp lovers crave and is great for kickstarting your day with a burst of energy. The striking light green color on these nugs is punctuated by orange hairs, giving them a timeless look that is sure to excite experienced consumers and newcomers alike.

For anyone looking for some morning motivation, this pungent strain will get your mind purring and your engine running thanks to its whopping 25.24% THCA levels! Sex Panther is also a favorite of artists and musicians, as it’s great for fueling creative endeavors and putting you in a headspace to GET STUFF DONE. And as the iconic Mr. Fantana likes to proclaim, “Sex Panther: 60% of the time, it works EVERY time!”

Space Junkie (Sativa / 20%) Send your senses into orbit with this creamy and citrusy Sativa that delivers energizing effects and flavor in equal measure. Space Junkie THCA Flower is a great daytime strain that looks as good as it tastes, balancing skunky and sweet notes with hints of grapefruit and lemonade. Looking like something that landed on Earth from another planet, the stunning buds of Space Junkie THCA Flower instantly draw the eye to their intense purples and lime greens that perfectly contrast a shimmering layer of plump trichomes.

These crowd-pleasing flavors are underpinned by robust cerebral stimulation and subtle physical relaxation. The uplifting effects of Space Junkie make it an ideal choice for anyone wanting to soothe a sore body while maintaining an active mind.

Mac 1 (Indica / 23%) Born out of a chance crossing of Alien Cookies and a strain known as Miracle, MAC 1 (aka Miracle Alien Cookies 1) regularly tests above 23% THCA. This sought-after strain is a great example of an exotic Indica flower that checks all the boxes hemp enthusiasts look for.

From its sweet, nutty, and gassy flavor profile to its thick covering of shiny trichomes, MAC 1 THCA Flower is a great strain for relaxing without feeling lethargic or couch-locked. The extraordinary appearance, scents, and flavors of MAC 1 are encapsulated in reassuringly dense nugs that fluff up perfectly when placed in a grinder. If you’re looking for a truly delicious experience that can soothe sore muscles without knocking you out, MAC 1 delivers on both fronts. Its unique lineage means that its Indica qualities are accented with a pleasantly chill cerebral effect that keeps it from feeling heavy, so some folks may even enjoy it during the daytime.

Exhale THC a Cannabis Flower 7 G

  • Premium California Cannabis Flower
  • Glass Jar with Child-Resistant Cap
  • 100% Naturally Grown
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Non-GMO
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant
  • Lab Report Click Here


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    Thca flower 7g

    Posted by Ronald Harvey on Jul 29th 2023

    Potent and tasty