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THC Infinity Caviar Flower 7 Gram. An artisanal blend of premium cannabis expertly trimmed before being coated with our premium distillate and dusted with the finest kief. THC Infinity blend is featured in this 7g flower..

Orangeade! A very orange citrusy, candy-like and sweet strain with a bit of pineapple.

Watermelon Mojito, this strain is perfectly reminiscent of ripe watermelon, lime, simple syrup, and sweet mint that’s cool and refreshing.

Glue Berry combines blue raspberry, floral, tart and citrus into a delightful blend of sweet and citrus.

How to use THC Flowers

Joints and Blunts: Joints and blunts are the most commonly utilized methods of smoking. Blunts are joints made from hollowed-out cigars or rolled in cigar tobacco leaves. Blunt can also be slang for an exceptionally fat joint.

Pipes and Bongs: Bubblers, chillums, spoons, steamrollers, and Gandalf pipes, there are a lot of terms for the various shapes and sizes of weed pipes. Pipes are the least fussy method of smoking, making them perfect for travel or discreet use.

Vaporizers: Vaporizing has become one of the most popular methods for consuming cannabis. Just like joint and blunt materials or pipes and bongs themselves, vaporizers can be purchased online on our website.

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  • 5
    Top Shelf Cannabis

    Posted by Brayan Schweers on Apr 27th 2022

    Top shelf cannabis flower. This brand has the finest flowers in my opinion. I placed my order and soon I got a Discreet delivery at my door. The best cannabis dispensary in Miami.

  • 5
    The best cannabis flower in Miami

    Posted by David Miller on Apr 25th 2022

    The best cannabis flower in Miami! High quality, same consistency always. Unique flavors and smells.